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If you got down on your knees and held on to his feet begging him to stay, he’ll probably get in touch for a shag and an ego stroke.

However…if you were really OTT, he’ll probably make you wait a while as he may be ‘nervous’ of your emotions.

If you keep making contact with him or make a big point of reiterating how you don’t want to lose him and how you want to stay in touch, he’ll probably be in touch.

However, it’ll still be for a shag and/or ego stroke.

What you need to be asking yourself when you’re wondering whether he’ll call and trying to calculate when, is: Because remember that from the moment that someone breaks up with you, a major signal needs to be going to your brain that you and this person are not on the same page, and that rather than value you and do everything in their power to make the relationship work, they would rather opt . For a start, obsessing and thinking about what they may or may not do are signs that you are not moving on, still heavily emotionally invested, and in essence conducting your relationship with him in your imagination.

You know that you are grieving, healing, and moving on when you’re not throwing away your time priming yourself for a possible phonecall, text, or instant message that may or may not happen. You should be too busy getting on with your life to be on tenterhooks for the joker! I hate to be a parade killer, but having two star crossed lovers that have an obstacle crop up at just the right moment to push them apart, for it to be resolved in 90 minutes just isn’t real life.

If you’re sort of hanging on the fringes, sending smoke signals that you’re ‘there’, he will make contact as and when he needs you.

They don’t want you but they don’t want you not to want them.

We focus on the To add insult to injury, Mr Unavailables and assclowns are LAZY!

They may not even call – they might skip straight to text, instant messenger, or email!

Does he put both of his feet into the relationship? Does he text you, you reply, then not return your text?

Does he promise you the earth but you end up with a crumb? You know what the contact meant by what happened afterwards.

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