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The lid is also quite stiff to put back into place.If you're prepared to do a bit more cleaning than you would normally to keep it looking presentable, - or if you live in a soft water area - then it's a good little kettle! The blues may be broken up into two-bar instead of four-bar phrases, so that in one blues chorus there will be six phrases instead of three. Instead of following the con- ventional division of the twelve bars of the blues into three repetitious four-bar segments or phrases, each division of four bars may vary considerably from the preceding phrase.The pop up lid also makes easy filling and being on a round base makes easy access for left handed hubby as well as me being right. When our old kettle started to leak I took the opportunity to get something more elegant and this kettle looks the part and does what every kettle should do; boils water.Initially it had the same fault as reported in another review in that it was switching off before the water boiled.

The blue lighting looks great when the kitchen is dark, with blue bubbles dancing as the water comes to the boil.This is most definitely the sexiest looking kettle out of all.There is nothing boring about it and certainly stands out from all the ordinary looking ones, whether black, cream or pyramid. I spent ages selecting the kettle and read loads of reviews, so I appreciate other people time and feedback. Generally the blues bass is played in unaccented four-quarter time, the best example of which is the "walking bass." If you listen care- fully to the Ellington recording of "C Jam Blues," you will hear a definitive example of the walking bass i 234/1234/1234, over and over again, with brilliant chord or key changes to make room for the progression from tonic chord to subdominant to dominant, from C to F to G seventh over a series of scale-like phrases. "C Jam Blues" is worth careful listening, to hear how ingeniously this seemingly empty pair of notes becomes a fresh, swinging blues.

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