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* How to detect cloned tags in a reliable way from incomplete RFID traces.

* Security Considerations in the Design and Peering of RFID Discovery Services.

* Cryptography is Feasible on 4-Bit Microcontrollers – A Proof of Concept. * ACTION: Breaking the Privacy Barrier for RFID Systems.

* The Dark Side of Security by Obscurity and Cloning Mi Fare Classic Rail and Building Passes Anywhere, Anytime. * Analysis of the Mifare Classic used in the OV-Chipkaart Project.

It is maintained and updated roughtly monthly by the Université catholique de Louvain’s Information Security Group in Belgium headed by Gildas Avoine.

I was impressed sheer volume of research papers, more than 300, that have been generated on the topic of RFID Security and Privacy.

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Here are some of the recent titles: * Privacy Enhancing Technologies for RFID – A Critical Investigation of State of the Art Research. * Serialized TID numbers – A headache or a blessing for RFID crackers?

Last year's DEF CON will be most remembered for the controversy over the presentation on security vulnerabilities in Cisco's networking kit by security researcher Michael Lynn.

This year's event promises to be just as interesting.

There was no mention of the new technology included in my debit card and no disclosure about the privacy & security risks that come with using RFID....(RFID is like an electronic fingerprint with your personal information sent over a radio frequency)...kinda scary.

All eyes in the information security world will be on Las Vegas this week as the desert city plays host to Def CON 14 and the Black Hat briefings.

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