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ushers in another year of incendiary works of cinema.

Cast: Chris Beetem, Francis Benhamou, Christian Coulson, Kevin Kane, Nina Mehta, Laura Pruden, Connor Siemer, Lauren Sowa, Swann Gruen, Christine Mc Laughlin Savage Youth (USA) World Premiere Director: Michael Curtis Johnson Synopsis: The lives of six troubled teens in a racially-divided small town take a violent turn over drugs and broken hearts. Cast: Grace Victoria Cox, Tequan Richmond, Will Brittain, Chloe Levine, Mitchell Edwards, J.

“These bold and adventurous filmmakers represent the most current voices in American independent film, and will continue to push boundaries in the years ahead.” Slamdance 2018 will showcase a short film lineup made up of productions from 26 countries, including: North America (US Canada), Iran and beyond.

Short Films in the Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Anarchy and Experimental sections are all eligible for the 2018 Oscar® Qualifying Shorts competition.

Anshan had become the homeland of the Achaemenid Persians. C.) who styled himself, in addition to king, of Susa.

Moreover, a number of economic administrative texts excavated at Malīān in 1972 and thereafter attest Anzan, apparently as the location where the texts were written (Carter and Stolper, , pp. These findings would seem to support the suggested identification of Malīān as the site of the ancient city of Anshan. Ibbi-Sin had regained much of these territories (Legrain, “Business Documents,” no. These show that with the disappearance of the Kaftari sequence of pottery there during the early second millennium B. Kassite and allied invaders from the north overran the kingdom of Babylonia in southern Mesopotamia. we have no further record of the Elamites for over 200 years. No foundation or rebuilding dedications of Attat-kittash or of his immediate successor Humban-numena (1,300-1,275 B.

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