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The “blue collar cities” have been hit the hardest by the gutting of our economic infrastructure.

The murder rate in Chicago is up 38 percent so far this year, and the recent spike in violence in the city has made national headlines.We want the violence to stop but you ain’t safe if you ain’t got your pistol with you. A seven-year-old girl, Heaven Sutton, was buried this month after being gunned down at her mother’s street sweet store.And last week, two girls aged 12 and 13 were shot and badly-wounded as they walked home from a newly-opened community centre.The escalating violence in Chicago was detailed in a recent article in the Telegraph….“All the black brothers just want to get rich, but we got no jobs and no hope. Nobody expects to live past 21 here.”The victims and killers are mainly black males aged between 15 and 35, often with gang affiliations – but not exclusively.

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