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And the possibilities are endless, There are hiking groups, singing groups, cooking groups and groups for sports lovers.

With Meet Up there is absolutely no way you will not meet new people.

You can find a great bargain if you look hard but some of the vendors are out of their mind when it comes to pricing their goods.

Don't be afraid to haggle, I'm sure the majority of sellers don't want to schlep their goods back home.

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Moving to a new place is a daunting experience, especially when it comes to making new friends and creating your own social circle when you don’t really know anyone at the time of your move.

Rick’s Drive-in, which has been located on the corner of Walnut and El Molino for over 40 years, received their walking papers last spring so that the new owners could build on the land.

But Rick’s is still there and you can’t help but having schadenfreude in thinking that maybe the developers have lost their financing.

But let’s face it, spending the day on Facebook and Twitter trying to connect doesn’t cut it. I have heard people complain about the service, but I've never had any problems.At the heart of Old Pasadena is Colorado Street, a stretch of a half-dozen blocks filled with shopping, dining and entertainment to keep you and your guests occupied for hours.Check out the Norton Simon Museum's small but eclectic art collection, enjoy an outdoor concert at the restored Levitt Pavilion, or hike the Arroyo Seco to see a different side of LA's neighbor to the northeast. And that's not to mention the light coating of dust on all the merchandise.Sundries/Entertainment All that development is good for something--the shopping in Pasadena can't be beat. We've been caught up with work, and neither one of us has gotten enough attention. For exiting customers, I'd suggest Romantix Pasadena offer complimentary hand sanitizer.

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