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I put myself under so much pressure and I was so scared and worried at the premiere, because I knew I had to paint the picture of this woman who was loved by the people.

It was my most challenging role, because I was standing for someone I never met and I wanted so badly to portray her character. I felt so bad that I never met her; I felt like I missed out for not meeting her, given all the stories I heard.

It is a 95% Creole film and so everything is spoken in Krio”, Desmond maintained.

He said he used about 80% Sierra Leonean actors and actresses because, he said, “he sees many talents in Sierra Leoneans, especially when the film is about exposing Sierra Leonean culture and tradition” Desmond said he has been coming to Sierra Leone for several years.

It was a real story; she was a doctor, married and had a life before the incident.

I never met her , yet I had to portray her appropriately.

Having spent couple of months in Sierra Leone doing a movie entitled “Reflections” he said he chose Sierra Leone to do the movie for three reasons; one being from the fact that he has always been a lover of the word “one Africa”.

He said a film maker would shoot around mountains, hills, houses on hills, not to talk of the beaches and the areas surrounded by water.

“It is quite a beautiful site to behold as a film maker”, he said.

Acting is one thing I’m extremely passionate about.

When I chose Theatre Arts as the course I wanted to study in University of Ibadan, my dad didn’t understand it for a while.

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