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- His target is to be like Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey&Tsubasa). - He is ambidextrous, which means that he can use both his hands to do stuff.- He wants to live in Hawaii if he retired in entertainment business. 0_0 - A reporter once mistook his name, and called him "Yamada". - He smokes (or used to, some claim he quit.) - He is able to back flip!Years ago, Yamapi struggled with the few English words he knows during an interview with Seth Rogen.Moving forward to 2014, a much more English proficient Yamapi gets another shot to interview Hollywood stars.

-Weak Points: Don't know how to make people laugh (recently, it's better) and also, he's afraid of being tickled. ) -Special Skills: He can drink malt tea using his nostrils! -Best Friend(s): Ikuta Toma, Ryo Nishikido, Shota Yasuda, Jin Akanishi, Yuu Shirota, Takizawa Hideaki. -Ideal Type of Girl: Sincere, cute, gentle with a good character and good cooking.(damnit! -Favorite Season: Summer -Favorite Animation: Doraemon and DRAGONBALL Z. He also saw Tsubasa Imai and Kawamae starring in the same drama "Mokuyou no Kaidan" and wanted to act in it too. Children, GLAY, Fukuyama Masaharu -Reason for Joining Johnny’s: When he saw Hideaki Takizawa act in a drama.From that article, they said its impossible to get a Japanese model so they hired a foreigner instead.- His grandparents went to their(New S) concert in Yokohama. If you are feeling sad, I will make you forget that you are sad Oh.by the way...

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